Scallop Pearl Jewellery - Handmade, Unique, Elegant, Natural


  The scallop pearls in our jewelery are sourced by the local fisherman of Digby, NS.  There is no question as to their origin.

  Deep under the waters of the bay of Fundy, these treasures are hidden within their shells as they develop naturally over several years.  We find the pearls, and display them in complimentary settings where their beauty can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Each piece of our scallop pearl jewelery is an original design, created by artist and gemologist Craig Fancy.


They are a true Nova Scotia treasure like the world famous Digby scallops that they come from.


The skilled workmanship and quality materials used in each or our pieces ensures that your scallop pearl jewelery will last for generations.


Take a look through our gallery and let the pieces speak for themselves on this one!